Message from Managing Director

Zahidul Islam

Managing Director, AXON.

AXON’s primary operation started in 2002 with the mission to make technological development, provide adequate skill & efficient after sales services for the Poultry Sector. Our strategic planning in applying of an immense sourcing, communications & travel we were able to establish a large International Network with world renowned manufacturers & deliver their products & services locally. Just in few years this network turned into a very resourceful platform building a positive trade relation between foreign & local entrepreneurs which eventually made a significant impact in developing the industry.

In any industry specially in agro & food the most important factor that can enhance business structure, bring strong sustainability, increase revenue with good return & become self-independent is through Vertical Integration. This was our most challenging effort to develop here but eventually the concept of Farm to Dinning came into effect through our extensive scope of supply. These were the innovative technology, special knowledge & skill, ingredients & raw materials in poultry Processing, further processing & outlets delivering fresh meat & value added ready to eat products.

Our involvement with the industry comes from many concerns & it’s not limited to supply only but also with self-processing, food services & most importantly our long-term associations with the Industry bodies working in various activates for its development.

I see a lot of potentiality in the Agro sector of Bangladesh with full of resources that is the reason our effort is not limited to Poultry & food only rather it’s more towards dairy, aqua & horticulture sector as well. Using our local agro resources & bringing in the right technology & skill I believe we can make a significant difference that can be extremely beneficial for everyone.

We believe in positive Commitment, good Quality & efficient services which is the primary reason of our contentious existence & well reputation that we hold in the industry. Structurally our company is average but our involvement & responsibilities through the International & local network it is significantly large also very promising.

We have a long way to go & will not stop till we find adequate solutions in delivering appropriate resources to make the Agro sector of Bangladesh fully viable for the local & international market. We seek for your support & blessing hoping someday we can make it through our vision that we have started since 2002.

With warm wishes,

Managing Director